Contest Issue, #206, is DONE!

Issue #206 was mailed on or about November 7, 2019. It should be getting to your mailbox within the next week or two. Not everyone will get the magazine at the same time. If you have followed some older articles on this, it depends on how many people are in...Read More »


Due to the increased cost of printing and postage, we have had to increase our subscription rates. The new rates will be in effect from January 2019 forward. For one year, it’s $30 for six issues, and $50 for two years (12 issues). 

Issue #205: Off to the printer!

Finally! Sent Issue #205 to the printer Saturday night (2/10/18). The wonders of the Interweb! We can send the full file of all 64 full color pages to the printer in Denver in a matter of minutes! Now, it’s paper work time, forms, etc., and getting the mailing list/data of all the subscribers together to send out for mailing. The goal was by the end of January, but this is pretty close! Hope you like this issue. Mahalo nui loa…


Yes, the magazine is still late. It’s the end of January, 2018, and I had hoped to have #205 at the printer by now. I’m about three days away from that goal, so that’s a good thing! If I keep up this blazing schedule, I’ll be able to do the six issues this year, and start on the Annual Contest Issue, which will be a stand-alone issue. Remember, I’m doing everything myself, from the mag, the bookkeeping, data, subscribers/circulation, ad sales, dealer sales, web site, everything but the forum. So, please, have some patience. I have been getting a lot of requests for refunds, and if you paid me, or rather Model Cars Magazine, LLC, and not Golden Bell, I will honor your request, delete all your info, data, and sadly, access, and send you back your pro-rated subscription monies. I can’t refund any Golden Bell Press subs, I never received those monies.

Thank you, everyone, who has sent emails of support. I will make this work, even with back surgery #8 now being scheduled. I will have to go through one more round of injections in March, then probably set up surgery for May or June.

So, Mahalo Nui Loa.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Issue #205 will be one of the last issues with Harry’s work in it, and it’s been real sad working on this issue. Every time I open up one of his layouts, I see him. Miss you my friend!


Issue #204 was mailed the week of August 21, 2017. Yes, it’s late. With the passing of Harry, we lost not only a friend, but he was the one putting the mag together while I have been “down.” We lost a lot of files, and we had to do a lot of last-minute tweaks to get this issue out. Thanks for your patience.

Mailing Labels/Expiration Date

It seems that I didn’t make the mailing labels as easy to read as they should be.
The labels states:
209 (your actual issue number for your subscription expiration will be here)

It seems that a lot of people are reading only the first line, thinking that the issue in their hand is the expiration issue for their sub. No. Read the second line, that is your expiration issue date. I went through my emails, and what I had wanted on the label was (on the top right of the label:
EXP ISSUE: # (with your issue number).
Of course, this didn’t happen, and I’m getting five-ten emails a day on this.


April 3, 2017

Saying goodbye to a friend… On Monday, April 3, 2017, our friend, ohana, and the guy who made Model Cars Magazine look so good has left us. Harry Pristovnik passed away surrounded by his family in Chicago last night. You will be missed my friend!

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CHANGES AT MODEL CARS MAGAZINE (click title to read full story)

First off, no, we are not shutting down Model Cars Magazine. Yes, it probably would be a lot easier, less headaches, and the smarter thing to do, but we don’t quit. What we have decided is to restructure and overhaul the printing/publication schedule for Model Cars.

Since 2001, we have printed nine issues a year. We had started off the first two years doing only six issues, but the magazine took off, and we went up to nine issues a year. With Golden Bell Press in Denver shutting down in December 2015, the magazine was dumped in our laps, lock, stock, and barrel. There were over 2,400 subscribers, about 1,900 dealers/hobby shop copies, and at that time, around 500 copies sent for distribution through major newsstands/bookstores with a distributor (Ingram). So with a print run of 5,000 copies, it looked like it would be something we could do. About a week after the turnover, Ingram increased their order from 500 copies, to 1,800 copies, literally overnight. This would be great for the circulation/numbers for the magazine, but there was of course increased costs involved. So from a normal print run of 5,000 copies, we were now at 6,500 copies.


UPDATE: We will no longer be sending out replacement copies for any damaged magazines. Why would we say or do this? With the printing done before by GBP, they did not poly-bag the magazines, and as they say, they took their chances on the damages that may, or may not occur, from the friendly folks at the post office. We have gone one step further, and have invested, or rather paid for, poly-bagging of the magazines, so that they will hopefully arrive in pristine condition in your mailbox. Also, if our mailing list shows that your magazine was sent, well, it was sent. We cannot afford to send out replacement copies due to them not showing up in your mailbox. When we send them, we send them. We have no control over them once they are shipped. Yes, once in a very blue moon something happens, and we will do our best to remedy that, but we can’t afford to send out replacements. We are not pinching pennies. We don’t have any pennies to pinch. Either you understand this, and support us, or you don’t. Sorry to sound so negative, but we are doing are best to get the magazine out there, but it’s still a one-man-shop in the admin side of everything, and that’s really not even half-a-man!!!!

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Digital Version/Copy of Model Cars Magazine

We have digital copies of the magazine now available on Magzter.com Magzter.com Model Cars Magazine Link

We are working on getting more of the back issues of Model Cars available on the Magzter site. It will take a while, but it will get done. We have a lot of requests for digital copies, and we are doing are best to get caught up.

Thank you for your patience!

Our Latest Issue:

Issue #204

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Some recent new kit reviews:

Revell Bronco

Revell’s 1966-1977 Bronco

Well, this is one you could have knocked me over with a feather. A few weeks ago, my friend Gil sent me a screenshot of Revell’s new releases for 2016, and lo-and-behold, there in full color was a 1966-1977 Ford Bronco. So what’s the big deal?...Read More »

MENG Hummer H1

MENG Hummer H1 Quick Look

Here’s a quick look at the new 1/24 scale MENG Hummer H1 kit.